Fountain Avenue – the sailor monument

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One of the great streets in Szczecin is the Fountain Avenue which has been renamed into Aleja Papieza Jana Pawla II – or Pope John Paul II Avenue after the polish born pope. The pope seems to get a lot of major streets in all streets of Poland named after him after his death – I got a feeling he is more popular in Poland than the other historical figures like Copernikus and Chopin.

The part of the street closest to the center has a fountain – hence the former name of the street. The fountain doesn’t seem like it is the most impressive fountain you will ever see but it do take a bit of space on the center of the street where you can walk along it.

The sailor steering the boat

At the end of the fountain you find a sailor monument. A giant sailor is standing there in his sailor outfit holding the rudder. He looks very concentrated on his task of steering the boat and there is not much of a smile on his face.

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