Red light district of Hamburg

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We head for the street of Reeperbahn Strasse which is the red-light district in Hamburg. During the day it is fairly family friendly to walk around the area and everybody will feel free to explore. The street is fairly busy and has several shops and different sorts of nightlife entertainment.

Walking around the street you will quickly notice a significant number of sex shops which seems to be the most common kind of shop on the street only second to the number of different nightclubs around the street.

One funny little sight is the local McDonalds which shares a building with what appears to be a brothel. At least the sign telling you to get sex for 39€ – I assume you don’t put in your order at the McDonalds counter but somewhere else in the building – I am not sure since we neither went into the McDonalds or the rest of the building.

The Reeperbahn Strasse area is actually also famous for its special role in music history since this was the location where Beatles was performing in the early 1960s before they went on to fame and fortune.


    1. It is clearly an option. As you probably can see from the lighting on the photos we went during a time of day when the show probably was going on so I can’t comment on the quality of the show ☺

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