Bandholm at the beach

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The small town of Bandholm is probably a bit overlooked by the many tourists who actually drive through every year. The town is located at the exit of the biggest safari park in Denmark called Knuthenborg Safari Park and it used to belong to the castle where the safari park is located.

The city is actually a pretty little town with a fairly large beach hotel. The hotel has invested in getting a lot of sand poured out at the shore in front of the hotel to create an actual sandy beach. So now there is a little sand at the village for the hotel guest to enjoy – the local people seems to like the sand as well when there isn’t a lot of tourist at the hotel outside the main season.

Mermaid at the beach

There is a fairly big harbor as well which got a ferry connection to an island a bit off the shore of Bandholm. The harbor is fairly big since it has been used as some sort of industrial harbor for a local company which seems to be trading in agricultural products for the local farmers.

Ferry arriving at Bandholm harbor

At the edge of the harbor there is actually one of the oldest swimming clubs where you can get changed and have a shower after a swim if you join the club it is for free otherwise you are supposed to pay a little fee for the use of the service.

During the summer an old railway is driving to and from the city with a steam engine – there are three daily departures to and from the nearby town of Maribo. Unfortunately the train wasn’t riding the day we were in the village so we didn’t see the old train.

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