Deep in the forest restaurant

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Are you looking for a short get away and a romantic surprise for a loved one?  Look no more.  This place ticks all the boxes.

View at the restaurant

This place is a couple hours drive from Copenhagen with many sights along the way to explore and enjoy before your tummy singing its special melody.

Restaurant building

Pomle Nakke is located deep inside the forest and right at the cliff of the ocean which give a stunning view especially at sunset time.

I myself really surprise when we drove there as the road toward the enchanted forest was very deserted and we didn’t see any cars.  I asked my partner… where we were going??? Since I didn’t see anything as far as the eyes can see.  I only see the canopy of trees on the horizon.  Finally, I saw many cars park right in front of the small clearing in the forest.

Bread and butter

Once we get out from the car and walk toward the restaurant, my eyes were entertain with the blue emerald water and also the mosquitos (so make sure bring mosquitos repellent if you visit in the summer).

The view was fantastic (I especially love the water view).  All the patron served outside the patio with most seats facing the ocean, but some seat has no view as it was cover with hedges.  But…. If you tilt your head up a bit, you can see the water.


Unfortunately, the service was really sloooooow.  It takes ages for the staff to take our order and more time waiting for the food to arrive.  I think it took almost 4 hours for 3 courses meal which was very long.  The food itself was great, delicious and tasty.  Portion side was good as well and price well.

We have ceviche for the starter.  It was more salad than ceviche as more greenery and we couldn’t really see or taste the fish.  Then follow with tartar for Mickey and beetroot tartar for Yunni.  Surprisingly both dishes taste really good. 

Pork neck

For the main we have pork neck with vegetable.  It was delicious.  Lastly dessert.  The food was good, tasty and less expensive than Copenhagen city but the service was really slow.


Midtskovvejen 1

4871 Horbelev

+45 5444 5131

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