Old town of Skælskør

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The small town of Skælskør is an old settlement between the cities of Korsør and Næstved on the southwestern part of the island of Zealand. The town dates back to at least 1231 when it is first mentioned and it is named after the rich mussel catch which could be found just off the shore of the old village. The name Skæl comes from the old Danish word for mussel and the word ør mean gravel beach. So the name of the city actually translates into the mussel beach.

The rich catch of mussel outside the city meant it was obliged to deliver a barrel of mussel to the royal kitchen in the city of Korsør by King Frederik II in 1562.

The city is also famous for getting extra sunshine compared to the rest of Denmark thanks to its location actually it gets about 200 extra hours of sunshine a year compared to the national average – so if you are hunting the sun this might just be the place to go if you are in Denmark.

The city is a nice place to visit for a little bit while enjoying the sunshine. There is a nice little harbor and the city has a collection of fairly old houses which makes for an enjoyable short walk around the little town. There aren’t a lot of very big attractions but it is a nice place to go and see for a few hours if you are in the area.

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