Main city of Falster

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Nykøbing is the main city on the island of Falster it is the main railway terminal for the islands south of Zealand. The train from Copenhagen stops at the station and you can catch the local train going across Lolland from here. The city is an old town and currently it is the biggest town in this part of Denmark. It wasn’t always so but the arrival of the railroad to Nykøbing as the main destination ensured the town would grow faster than the surrounding towns with no railway.

The city dates back to the late part of the 12th century when a castle was built at the narrowest spot of the strait Guldborgsund. The castle was built to protect the area against raids from pirates from Venden which was a tribe located on the southern shore off the Baltic Sea in the area which is now Poland and Eastern part of Germany. The pirates were a nuisance for many years until the Danish king finally managed to control the pirates.

The city hasn’t got a lot of great sights – but if you spend any significant time on the island of Falster you might drop by Falster since this is the main supply hub for most of the island with the biggest shops to resupply if you stay in a summer cottage in the Marienlyst area a little to the south of here.

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