Small town of Nysted

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Nysted is a tiny town on the south coast of Lolland. It is actually the southernmost town in Denmark which has historically has been awarded city privileges. The city actually has the only natural harbor on the south coast of Lolland.

The city has a fairly high location for a town on Lolland with the highest point at 12½ meter above sea-level. During the huge storm of 1872 this turned out to be a great advantage – unlike most other cities on the coast of the Baltic Sea there was only limited damage in the city of Nysted while many other settlements along the coast was destroyed the city of Nysted survived.

Unfortunately for the city the lucky survival wasn’t enough for a prosperous future and the city stagnated and the population stayed put at just over 1,000 people.

The city had a little place during the Napoleon War against the British when a British navy had to take anchor outside the city during a storm. Many of the ships were shipwrecked and became Danish spoil of war. One major ship St. George was badly damaged during the storm and the rotor was destroyed. The ship did manage to continue the trip back towards Britain but it was later destroyed in a storm outside Thorsminde at the west coast of Jutland a few weeks later.

The city was considered as a possible location for the ferry to Germany but it was later decided to put the ferry connection just outside the small town of Rødby.

The main points of interest of the city are centered around a small square and it is easy to go a bit around the town to enjoy the different old buildings in the town.

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