Sakskøbing old town on Lolland

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On Lolland you find a decent collection of small old towns. One of these old towns is the city of Sakskøbing. The city dates back to at least 1240 when it is first mentioned and it has got its city privileges in 1270 as one of the main towns on the island of Lolland. Back then Lolland was a fairly rich and densely populated part of Denmark and there were several major settlements on the island.

Unlike other cities across Denmark the industrialization didn’t make the city grow considerably so the town hasn’t got a lot more population today compared to what it had a couple of hundred years ago. This is a bit fortunate since the lack of development has secured a little quite town with a nice little center which is easy walk across in a few minutes if you pass by.

Saxkøbing Hotel

The city has a reputation as one of the few places in the area where there is a decent restaurant at Saxkøbing Hotel. unfortunately we didn’t have a change to eat there this time around since the menu and business was still severely restricted when we went by – I did eat there a few years ago and if the restaurant has kept up since then it is worth to go there for your dinner if you are at the island.

There is a small pretty harbor as well which you can go and explore for a bit if you have the change to stop at the city.

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