Tiny church of Nyord

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Nyord is a small island just outside the somewhat bigger island of Møn. The island is now connected to Møn by a dam so it is more or less a part of Møn.

The inside of Nyord Kirke

The people of Nyord needed to have their own church if they wanted to attend service without a boat commute to Møn so they decided to make a collection and construct their new church. In 1850 they managed to build the new church.

Ship hanging from the roof of the church

The church is a bit different than other churches you see since it got an octagonal shape. The church is fairly small – but then again Nyord village is a pretty small place so I guess there is enough space for the people who want to go and take part in the service.

The church is open outside the Sunday service so everybody can see what the octagonal church look like from the inside – you just have to arrive between sunrise and sunset – which is pretty easy during the summer season and a bit more difficult during the winter season. Then again Nyord is mainly famous for its birds so I guess not that many people will come during the winter season.

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