Birds at Nyord

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Nyord is one of the main bird reserves in Denmark and it attracts a large variety of birds through the year. when we went in the spring it mainly had a lot of geese grazing at the area so they could fattening up before they head up north for the summer breeding grounds in northern Scandinavia or Russia.

Geese at the grass of Nyord

The birds are a pleasure to see before we head further out on the small island of Nyord which is located right off the island of Møn and are connected to the island with a small dam.

Geese moving around on the grass

The island home to a small village at the end of the road where the local residence live and it is a possible place to go and have a little look around. The village has some nice old houses and an old Tiny church of Nyord cute octagonal church. There is a small harbor in the village as well.

Rabbit at the end of Nyord

Outside the village you can walk across some fields. On the fields there are a lot of rabbits running around and it is good fun to walk around here searching for the many rabbits.

Out on this area is an old small building – this place used to house the local pilots could rest while they were waiting for the next ship. The pilots were actually the locals living on the island and they had the obligation to work as a pilot when they were living on the island. The sea outside this area was tricky so the boats needed to take a pilot onboard for safety reason when they were passing the straight between Møn and Zealand.

Pilot house at Nyord

We finish the short walk and get back to the only parking lot in the area and drive back from Nyord.

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