Teddy the friendly troll

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Teddy is a friendly troll how has lived in Hakkemosen since 2016 when he was constructed by Thomas Dambo and his crew as part of the cultural week of the area.

Teddy friendly sitting at a stream at Hakkemosen

Teddy is lending his arm to help the visitors to the area over a little stream so you can walk across it without getting wet – so indeed he is a friendly big troll. Actually you can cross the stream safely a few meters down the stream where there is a bridge – but it might be more fun to use Teddy’s helping arm.

Walking across the stream on Teddy’s helping arm

Teddy is one of the six forgotten giants around Copenhagen and he is named after a very friendly man called Teddy who helped build him. So only fair to share the friendly name with the man constructing him.

Teddy giving a helping arm

Teddy is found in the scenic green area called Hakkemosen in the Copenhagen suburb of Høje Tåstrup a bit of a drive out of Copenhagen.

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