View of the Farø Bridge

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The Farø Bridge was an important bridge when it was built. The bridge was a highway so finally it was possible to get rid of the slow drive across the one two lane bridge which used to be the main route to Germany from Copenhagen. Obviously the new road cut down the traveling time to reach the ferry significantly and was a great leap forward when it came to the integration between Denmark and the rest of Europe.

View of the Farø Bridge

The new bridge actually also meant the connection to the small island of Bogø were improved and reduced the need for the old ferry from Stubbekøbing. Just as you take the exit towards the island of Bogø you actually reach a little parking lot where you really should stop for a little while to enjoy the view of the bridge. There is a great view of this modern bridge.

Storstrømsbroen seen under the Farø Bridge

In the background you can actually see the old bridge called Storstrømsbroen. This bridge is currently under repair but it is a fairly important bridge since it is the main rail link between Copenhagen and these southern islands of Denmark.

View of the water the bridge is crossing

After you have enjoyed the view of the bridge you can continue your drive out to the island of Møn where the main sight is the famous Møns Klint which is a large white cliff standing at the eastern edge of the island.

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