Thomas the troll on the mountain

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Thomas is one giant troll lying on a mountain in the Copenhagen suburb of Albertslund. He is made from scrap wood like all of his family.

The original family is the six forgotten giants of Copenhagen but the family has been expanding significantly the last year. It seems like a global lockdown has been good for the troll population of Denmark.

Thomas the troll resting on the mountain

The creator of Thomas is Thomas Dambo who has been the mastermind behind the six forgotten giant’s project. The trolls are succeeding in the objective of getting people out and enjoy the green parts of Copenhagen.

You might think Thomas is named after Thomas Dambo – and he might be – but officially he is named after Thomas Dambo’s intern Thomas who helped create all the six giants. I guess it was fortunate Thomas Dambo had an intern with the same name so he could call one of the giants Thomas.

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