Louis got tired and went for a nap

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On a small hill in the Copenhagen suburb of Rødovre you find a large troll called sleeping Louis since he got tired and decided to sleep in shade of the trees on the hill. So he has a good place to sleep all year around.

Sleeping Louis snorring loudly on the hill

Louis the troll is from a family of six giants spread across the western suburbs of Copenhagen. He is made by recycled wood and is located in a nice natural setting. The same is the case for the five other of the six giants. The giants have become local attractions making people from Copenhagen seek out these green areas in the outskirts of their town.

Poor Louis he is just so tired he needs to sleep for ages

There are usually a few people around the giants but when we went to Louis and the other giant there wasn’t a huge crowd just the other odd visitor so you could enjoy the trolls at your own pace.

Louis is built by Thomas Dambo and he is named after Thomas old assistant Louis from Bristol in the UK who came over to help build the troll.


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