The animal pens of Marselisborg Dyrehave

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The area called Marselisborg Dyrehave was originally founded in 1932. The large land would have a lot of grass and to keep the grass down the original plan was to let sheep’s wonder the area to keep the grass in check. They decided to skip the sheep’s and instead they acquired some Sika deer’s which is actually from East Asia but apparently they like the Danish climate.

Deer waiting at the entrance – very hungry

The sika deer’s has been supplemented by some native Danish deer to form the bulk of the wildlife in the small park.

The deer’s quickly became very popular in the 1930s and soon Marselisborg Dyrehave was one of the favorite destinations for the families of Aarhus when they wanted to go and have a little family friendly entertainment during their time off.

There are a lot of people out to enjoy the deer’s and there is a bit of a business created around the park. outside the park you find a little shop which sells small backs of poorly looking carrot – apparently you are only allowed to feed the deer’s with carrot and apples – and it isn’t apple season yet. They charge a fairly expensive 20 DKK for a small back of carrots but they still sell them quickly and people go in to feed the deer’s

Deer’s getting closer

The deer are happy to have carrots so they will come right up to you and eat the carrots out of your hand if you bring a couple to the dining table. It is pretty fun to feed the deer’s but it is a quick experience since the deer’s will eat up the carrot very quickly if they are allowed.


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