The three old graves

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In ancient times the people wanted to make a mark on the land to claim it for their family for posterity. The main way to do this was to build a massive grave for the leading member of the family who managed to claim the land for the future generations.

Trail between the graves

The people of old times liked to build these graves at high positions in the landscape to make them even more visible from a distance. Spread across Mols Bjerge national park you find at least 22 old graves but the most famous collection is found at the place called Trehøje – which translate into three hills.

At Trehøje the ancient people had built three large graves close to each other at the top of three different hills. From the top of these ancient hills you have a spectacular view of the landscape around Mols Bjerge.

The graves are between 3 and 4 thousand years old and took a massive effort to construct. The largest of the graves were built by more than half a million pieces of turf. The turf was cut out from the ground around the area and then transported to the location of the grave. To make such a construction with modern tools will take a lot of effort so to imagine the work the locals did to make them is quiet impressive.

If you have an interest in the ancient people and their graves it is natural to head to Trehøje to see the graves from the outside – it is impossible to get inside. But even if you have no interest in history it is still worth going since you get one of the best views in Mols Bjerge from the top of the graves.

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