Poskær Stonehouse

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In the middle of Mols Bjerge National Park you find an old grave on a little hill. The grave is a so called runddysse which means a round ring of stone with a stone on top. The ring is made from 5 stones and the top stone weigh in at 11½ ton. It must have been a tremendous effort for the old people to make the grave.

In front of the ancient grave

Interesting the stone is not a local stone – but during the last ice age 15,000 years ago the area was covered by ice. The ice transported some giant rocks from far way to Mols Bjerge and this stone is one of them. When the ancient people built the grave 5,000 years ago they found this giant stone.

Grave in the hilly landscape

Surrounding the five stones of the grave you find a large ring of stones making up the rest of the grave complex. Fortunately this grave has been left alone through the millennia since it was erected.

Many of the ancient graves have been torn down since the large stones they were constructed from represented a huge value in the old days. The large stones could be used for various construction projects and considering it was very hard to get this kind of rocks in Denmark they were indeed used for everything from construction of churches to gravel for road constructions.

The grave of Poskær Stonehouse were almost blown into rubbles to be used for road constructions in 1859 – but thanks to the effort from a local priest the ancient grave were declared a memorial in 1860 and were not allowed to be blown up. Without this effort we would have been able to see this grave which is actually one of the best preserved ancient graves of this type in Denmark. If you are short enough you can walk through the stones almost upright – the rest of us will have to bend down significantly to get inside the inner stone circle.


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