Agri Baunehøj – highest spot in Mols Bjerge

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Mols Bjerge means the mountains of Mols – I guess Denmark is one of the very few places in the world you could add the name mountain to an area like this were the highest hills is just over 100 meter high. The tallest of these hills is Agri Baunehøj which is 137 meters above sea level or 450 feet’s.

Trail to the top of Agri Baunehøj

Agri Baunehøj is famous as the center of Denmark if you exclude the remote island of Bornholm which is located in the Baltic Sea far from any other location in Denmark. The hill was actually used as a central point on some old maps from the 1930s.

View from Agri Baunehøj

The name of the hill is from old times – the name Baunehøj means a hill where you light a fire on top. The fire was lit as a warning when the enemy would approach by sea. By lighting the fire people further away got time to prepare for a possible attack from an attacking force. There are many such hills around the Danish country side indicating the period a thousand years ago was a time of unrest where the enemy would come suddenly by sea. Not a big surprise considering the Vikings were a seafaring people and the people along the southern shore of the Baltic Sea was also sea faring pirates.

View from Agri Baunehøj

When you walk to the top of Agri Baunehøj you quickly realize why the locals choose this location to have their signal fires. There is a great view from the top of the hill from where you can see far over the sea in all directions. The hill is located at a small peninsula so you can see water on three sides.

You reach the top of the hill from a parking lot below – it is a little hike up the hill through a little forest to reach the top. It is a fairly easy hike so most people can do it. You can continue on longer hikes from the top but we only enjoy the view and head back down the hill.

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