The infinite Bridge

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At the beach just outside the city of Aarhus is a special bridge. The bridge leads to nowhere and basically just starts out at the beach and then does a circle out onto the water before it returns to the spot from where you actually started out.

The Infinite bridge seen from above

The bridge is one of the most iconic scenic spots around Aarhus and worth to head out here just to have a little look at the bridge – there really is no need for you to go to the beach to enjoy the bridge.

People at the beach in front of the bridge

The beach is called Varna beach and next to the beach you find a little waterfall which you will pass on your way to the beach. For most countries this waterfall wouldn’t be something you would notice – but Denmark is almost void of waterfalls so it is actually fairly unique for the country.

A large building next to the beach is the Varna restaurant where the locals seems to be going in droves celebrating the fact the restaurants is once again open for indoor dinning – the Sunday brunch seemed to be completely sold out for the day so we wouldn’t have been able to go in if we had been hungry.

Close to the beach you find Marselisborg Dyrehave where you can go and hand feed the many deer’s roaming around the park. All this make this destination a favorite for families with children.

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