Ferry from Spodsbjerg to Tårs

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A little used ferry link in Denmark takes you from the small town of Spodsbjerg on Langeland to the small town of Tårs on Lolland. The ferry linking the two towns is pretty small since there is only a limited traffic going through the towns. The population of the two islands are limited an there is only a few people going this way – if you travel from Copenhagen it is generally faster to go direct from Copenhagen via the Great Belt Bridge.

The ferry port of Spodsbjerg on Langeland

If you do want to explore the islands of the southern part of Denmark this ferry link will actually cut a lot of distance between the islands and the price of the ferry is actually similar to the toll on the Great Belt Bridge so you might use the ferry. The ferry between the two towns is rather small – but traffic is light so unless you travel during the midst of the summer season you are unlikely to have a long wait at the ferry terminal.

There is a ferry an hour at 15 minutes pass the hour. The trip takes about 15 minutes and you can enjoy a cup of coffee or a bite to eat while you are onboard the ferry.

Ferry harbor of Tårs

If you like you can head to the top deck and enjoy the view. Though the trip is across open water so there is really only a bit of view just after the departure and just before you arrive on the other island.

Land around Tårs

This was actually the first time I ever went on this ferry but it do make a lot of sense if you are travelling down in this corner of Denmark – otherwise you will probably never use this ferry.

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