Western edge of Lolland

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A little visited part of Denmark is the western most part of Lolland. It is about as far as you can get from any of the major cities in Denmark and there are no really famous sights at the area – hence not a lot of people do the effort to get to this secluded corner of Denmark.

Sea around Langø

The area is dominated by Nakskov Fjord just outside the largest town of the area with the same name. The area used to look different until 1872. In 1872 the worst flood for centuries hit this part of the country and large parts of the island of Lolland were flooded. To prevent a similar catastrophe in the future it was decided to build a long dike along large part of the southern coast of Lolland. The area around Nakskov Fjord was comprised by a series of small islands in shallow water. It was decided to build a dike in the area which effectively connected several of the old islands and made them part of the main island of Lolland. Some of the area is still named after the original island. This is the case for the village of Langø the ø in the end of the name is the Danish word for island. Hence the name can translate into lang (or long) island.

The village of Langø is the only settlement of any size out here it is a pretty looking little place. When a village is in the middle of a Fjord it is not surprising the main feature of the village is a harbor. I guess the harbor used to be a significant part of the income for the people in the village since many would be making their living off the fish in the waters just off the shore of the village. There is still a large building at the harbor called Langø Fisk – fisk is the Danish word for fish. Except for this building and a few fishing boats the harbor by pleasure boats where people from the area with have their boats ready to take out on the fjord.

Putting a boat in the harbor

Next to the harbor is an old pit which was used by the fishermen to treat their nets so they could better withstand the usual wear and tear. The pit is no longer in use but it has been renovated so it can be used by the visitors to the harbor as a grill. Nobody was using it when we went by despite it was about dinner time. I guess it will be more in use during the summer season.

Old pit for fishing nets at the harbor of Langø

The area of Langø has actually been a sought after area for millennium. More than 5 years ago the ancient hunter and gathers used to live in the area where they could easily get a lot food from the sea and hunt a bit on land as well. The people decided to make a mark on the land when they started farming the area – they built large stone settings on top of graves and one of these stone markers are just outside the village of Langø.

Old grave outside Langø

After the visit to Langø we head out to the last piece of land on the island. It is called Albuen and is a long stretch of land which seems to continue forever into the water. We head to the parking lot and then walk a bit out on the land strip. There are a lot of birds at the area – they have actually tried to protect the area against foxes to make the birds more secure. Apparently it is working so there are a lot of birds breeding out here.

It is a bit of a walk to the end of the land and it is getting a bit late so we turn back before we have reached the end of the land.

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