Tranekær village on Langeland

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The long island of Langeland has a few small villages which can be pretty charming. The village of Tranekær is one of these small towns. The village is a bit north of the main highway across the island and it is easily reached from the island of Fyn if you drive across the island of Tåsinge to Langeland.

The village has a few old houses and a nice looking church in the center. The main attraction of the village is the large castle of Tranekær which shares the name of the village. It is possible to visit the castle during normal times but it wasn’t open when we went – possible due to a limited number of tourists this part of the year.

The garden was open but we decided not to go and have a look inside the garden since it looked a bit ordinary for the price they charged for the admission. Next to the castle is a little café you can visit in case you need a bite to eat otherwise there seem to be limited options in the village.

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