The lighthouse of Ærø

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Shipping was essential to Ærø so it was natural to take significant steps to protect the shipping which took place in the waters of Ærø. One of the important measures taken was to build a lighthouse at the end of Ærø to help the ships to be guided safely by the western edge of the island.

Lighthouse from the trail to the end of the island

At a little piece of land called Skjoldnæs a lighthouse was built to help protect the shipping lanes in the area. The lighthouse was built in 1881 and the light from the lighthouse helped guide the ships after this time.

The lighthouse is built at the extreme end of the island and there didn’t use to be a lot out here when the lighthouse was built. It is still the sole building at the area but the land surrounding the lighthouse has been put to use as the golf field of the island. This might just be one of the most scenic golf fields in Denmark with a location right at the water and you will be able to see the sea surrounding Ærø at every hole on the golf field – it is only a guesting if you look at the one side of the island or the other side of the island.

Top of the lighthouse

There were a few golfers out for the sunny Saturday when we arrived but most of the holes seemed to be empty so there was a long wait for the golfers if they wanted to do 18 holes today. We only focused on the lighthouse and the edge of the island which was a short hike further west of the lighthouse. We were walking next to a couple of holes on the gulfs field until we reach the end of the island where the golfers had to give way to the locals trying to catch the days dinner in the waters at the edge of the island.

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