Changing houses of Ærø

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The locals at the island of Ærø wanted to enjoy the beaches. Back in the old days they had a need to change clothing before they jumped into the water and they didn’t want to do this using a large towel. Instead they built a series of changing houses along the beach outside a couple of the bigger cities. These changing rooms actually look like small houses but there is no water or electricity in them so they are not a good place to spend more than a short period of time.

The houses is still in use by the locals who have owned them for generation so new entrants won’t be able to get a beach house without convincing somebody to sell one of them. They do have a little supply inside the house in the form of tables and chairs so they can enjoy the beach and have an extra advanced picnic at the beach.

The houses are different – there aren’t two beach houses which look the same – and they are actually pretty famous as a symbol of the island. A little green houses with round windows has actually been placed on the cover of this year visit Ærø magazine which is supposed to entice people to go and visit the small island.

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