Old harbor of Fur

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A short drive from Stenøre you find an old red building and a little bit of water. This is actually the old harbor of Fur. The harbor was considered an important step forward by the local fishermen. The fishing industry around the island was just as important as the agriculture – hence a step forward when it came to more efficient fishing would be important for the island.

Harbor of Gammel Havn

In 1911 the local fishermen joined together and started to make the harbor. The harbor was located at an old pit where they had been digging for clay – so there was already a bit of a hole in the ground the fishermen had to dig the hole a bit deeper and connect it with the water a short distance away. They finally made the harbor – and now you would think everybody would be happy.

Model of fish found as a fossil around Fur

Unfortunately this new situation only lasted for a short while. The harbor had a pier which was supposed to create some shelter for the harbor and protect it against moving sand. Unfortunately the pier didn’t really work as intended – in realty the pier actually make the problems with the sand blocking the entrance to the pier. After a few years the approach to the harbor was becoming increasingly shallow – and the fishing boats were growing in size. It was considered to make an effort to dig out the canal to the harbor to extend the working life of the harbor.

Museum of Gammel Havn

The local fishermen approached the Danish government and asked for funding to dig away the sand. The government decided not to approve the funding for the harbor and in 1956 it was decided to give up upon the harbor. The new harbor next to the ferry would serve the local fishermen in the future – and it seems to be a better location – at least the sand hasn’t blocked the entrance to this harbor yet.

There is actually only one building left around the old harbor. And this red building has been turned into a little museum which gives you the history of the harbor. Most of the information is in Danish only – but there is a collection of old photos and some old fishing equipment on display so it is worth going into the small free museum and have a little look if you are in the area.

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