Church of Nederby

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The biggest town on the island of Fur is Nederby. Nederby is home to 557 of the 757 inhabitants on the island – so it is clearly the population center – though it is hardly a metropolis. The town is home to a few different attractions like the museum of Fur and the church of Nederby.

Inside Nederby Church

The church is open and you can just walk in – the most interesting part is actually the tower of the church which you can walk into. Don’t walk into the tower if you are scared of darkness or steep stair. There is no artificial light inside the tower of the church and there are only a few windows up high on the tower so the first section of the stair leading up to the top is pretty dark.

If you manage to get to the top you can enjoy the view of the island. Unfortunately there is a lattice in front of the windows which obscures the view a bit and makes it difficult to actually get a photo of the view from the top.

Inside the church you see a pretty typical Danish village church – it is nothing spectacular but if you haven’t been into many of this kind of churches it might be interesting to see. The main sight however is the walk up to the top of the tower.

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