Ferry port of Fur

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There is only one ferry leading to the small island of Fur in the middle of Limfjorden. Unless you arrive by flight or your own boat you will come by the ferry to the small village of Stenøre. The village doesn’t rate high on the list of attraction on Fur but considering you do have to go to the village when you head for the ferry you might give Stenøre a bit of your time and wonder around the village.

In addition to the ferry there is a nice little harbor with a lot of boats including many recreational boats. I guess the tiny harbor will fill up in the summer time when boat owners from Denmark and the nearby countries will head up to this area and sail around and enjoy a day or two in the port of Stenøre.

Outside the port you find a little collection of illustrations of the ferries which has served the islands since the end of the 19th century. Back then the boat was only a row boat and the man in charge of the boat would carry the passenger to shore so they wouldn’t get wet feet when arriving to Fur.

Today the island is served by two ferries – Mjølner and Sleipner. The names of the ferries have deep roots in Norse tradition. Mjølner is the name of the hammer of Thor. Sleipner is the stallion of Odin the head of all the gods. Sleipner was a special horse – it had 8 legs and unlike a normal horse it wouldn’t run along the ground but would fly between the worlds carrying his master Odin.

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