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We stayed at a little summerhouse in the tiny village of Vejlby Klit. The place is really out of season. There is supposedly a supermarket in the village – but it will not open for another couple of weeks. The only other attractions are a collection of house rental agencies who administers the houses for rent. These agencies also have a reduced opening our out of season so we had to collect the key in the safety box next to the agency.

Beach and sand dunes at Vejlby Klit

Like most other summerhouse areas the main attraction is a sandy beach. And Vejlby Klit has a nice sandy beach. The beach is ending in a row of sand dunes which obscures the view of the water from all the summerhouses – so none of the houses have sea view. The only difference is the distance to the beach.

The only other attraction around Vejlby Klit is the fairly big lake called Ferring Sø. The lake is a pretty lake with a lot of straws growing in the lake. There are also some meadows surrounding the lake making it a good possibility for a little walk around the area.

Most people will arrive in their own car but you can actually get to the area using public transport. There is a local train going to Victoria Street Station next to the summerhouse area. The trains are few and far between so if you have to use the train better check the timetable in advance – and remember to do shopping since the local supermarket might be closed.

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