Bovbjerg Lighthouse

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Along the coast of west Jutland you will find several light houses to help guide the shipping along the treacherous coast. In the old days it was very difficult for ships to navigate along the coast since it is basically a very long stretch of uninterrupted sand dunes without many features inland to help the ships to navigate along the coast. The light houses helped to warn the ships at the most dangerous sections of the coast.

The view fromt he ridge

One of the light houses at Bovbjerg is very distinctive with the red colours. Unfortunately it is currently under repair so there is a bit of scaffolding on the tower but you still get a good impression of what it looks like. The light house is a bit of tourist attraction and you can go to the top to enjoy the views or you can head for the restaurant in the courtyard of the light house if you are feeling hungry.

The area in front of the light houses is a long section of cliffs which stretch down to the beach. There is a trail along the ridge has some great views and it is worth walking at least some of the distance to the next village to enjoy the view. Down below the cliff you find a wide sandy beach which is protected by a series of groynes. The groynes were put in place in the 19th century after the water had been moving the coastline backwards in a disturbing pace for about 50 years.

Apparently the current along the shore had changed after the all land between Agger Tange and Harboeøre Tange had been broken by a violent storm. The sand no longer was left at this section of beach and each storm took a bit more of the cliff. The gronyes has significantly reduced the destruction of the coast line. First they slowed down the destruction to only a third of what it had previously been and for the last 40 years the sea hasn’t claim any of the land in front of the light house.

After you have walked along the ridge of the cliffs you could take the stair down to the beach it is about 250 steps to reach the beach from where you have a different perspective of the cliff and the wide sandy beach. During this time of the year there wasn’t anybody actually making it down to have a swim so it was a private experience to enjoy the beach.

Bovbjerg Lighthouse

On top of the ridge you can find a little bunker left behind from the Second World War. Compared to some of the other places along the coast this isn’t the most interesting collection of bunkers but you can have a little look at one if you like.

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