Baywatch in Jutland

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During the summer there are lifeguards on watch along several stretches of the Danish coastline. The life guards are particularly important along the west coast of Jutland since there can be strong currents off the beach which can be dangerous in case a swimmer gets caught in the current.

Vehicles on the beach ready for action

The lifeguards are only at the beach during the summer time when the water is fairly warm and attracting thousands of guests on a daily basis. During the spring there are no lifeguards on active duty. But on this spring day there is an unusual collection of lifeguards at the coast just outside the little town of Thorsminde.

The lifeguards are here to train for the summer season so they are at the beach with a lot of cars and a many lifeguards with boards standing around the beach. After a little while a large number of speedboats starts to come back to the shore – apparently they have been somewhere down the coast to do some exercise and now they return to the beach.

Safely back at shore

It looks like the exercise is about to be over – but it is good to know people are getting ready for summer to make sure the sandy beaches of Denmark will be a safe place to go for a swim.

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