Victoria Street Station

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When you hear the name Victoria Street Station you would probably imagine it will be found in UK or one of the many colonies Queen Victoria ruled during the latter half of the 19th century. But it is not the case.

Main building at Victoria Street Station

You find Victoria Street Station on the tiny railroad which runs along the route Vemb-Lemvig-Thyborøn. The station of the station used to be called Vejlby Nord. The name was put on display at the station for several years but at some stage the old sign needed to be changed. For some reason it took the rail company very long to change the sign. The locals finally decided to take matters into their own hand and put up a sign on the station. They ended up with the name Victoria Street Station since there is a road nearby called Viktoriavej which is the Danish way to write Victoria Street. The name stuck and the name of the station was formally recognized in 1991.

Train crossing the main highway

The station is located close to a beach and the people using this station will usually be heading to the beach or staying in one of the many summerhouses in the area.

Train at the station

The station only got one track – which isn’t really a problem since the trains on this line are few and far between even during the week there more than an hour between the trains and during the weekend there is only 5 or 6 trains in each direction a day.

The tiny Victoria Street Station

Victoria Street Station is a fairly small station and the only building around the track is a little red wooden building where the passengers can wait protected against the rain and the frequent strong winds you will experience in this part of Denmark.

The station is tiny and if you want to get onboard the train you will have to push the bottom so the driver of the train knows he have to stop at the station. The train will slow down as it crosses the only road into the summer house area and the traffic will have to wait for the train to pass. There isn’t a lot of traffic in the area so there isn’t really a traffic jam after the train drives by.

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