Lemvig the tiny capital of the region

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The North West part of Jutland is some of the least populated part of Denmark. the municipality of Lemvig has a population of less than 20 thousand people spread across more than 500 square kilometers which gives the area a population density of a more than a quarter of the population density for Denmark.

Church of Lemvig

The main town in the municipality got the same name. The city has less than 7,000 inhabitants which hardly make it a metropolis. But in this part of the country a city this size is actually the local center. All the main shops of the area are concentrated in the town and we ended up doing most of our shopping here when we spent a week in a summerhouse nearby.

The city has a bit of life with restaurants and the like so I guess it is the place to go if you want to get out for a night. The main attraction of the town is the fairly large harbor which is sheltered since the harbor is located at Limfjorden and not the open ocean of the North Sea.

The center of town has a few nice buildings which probably date back to the 19th century but there doesn’t seem to be a lot of older building in the town. So it isn’t really a destination to go to if you expect an old historic center.

The town has made some pamphlet with different small hikes you can do around the town. The city is actually located at a little hill which goes straight down to the fjord. So there is actually a fairly scenic setting to go for a few small hikes. We only had the time to do one of them – the planet trail hike. The trail runs along the fjord and you have some good views from time to time. The main attraction of the hike is the fact it is a scale model of the solar system. There are models of the sun and different planets made at a scale of 1 to a billion. So for every meter you walk you travel 1,000,000 kilometers through the solar system. You can go and search for the different planets along the trail.

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