Ejerslev harbor on Mors

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A tiny harbor on the island of Mors is found at the small village of Ejerslev Havn. There isn’t much of a village around the harbor but there the usual life you find at small pleasure port – a restaurant and a shop selling ice-cream.

Harbor at Ejerslev Havn

The harbor is small but it is pretty scenic and it is nice to have a quick look at the harbor. The harbor itself hardly deserves a detour – fortunately you find the true attraction of the place right next to the harbor. In the form of Ejerslev Lagoon.

Ejerslev Lagoon

The lagoon has a little lake with water which is surrounded by some fairly high clay cliffs consisting of a special type of clay called moler. You find several cliffs around the northern coast of the island of Mors – but I find this little lagoon might just be the prettiest of the location to spot the clay.

The clay formation here at Ejerslev is far from the tallest formation – but the way the clay is surrounding the small lagoon give a special view which is pretty to watch.

Top layer of the clay

If you are actually on the northern part of Mors this little lagoon next to Ejerslev Havn is well worth a little detour along some tiny roads.

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