Ferry port at the end of Mors

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One way to reach Mors from the island of Vendsyssel at the far north of Jutland is to take the ferry which will arrive at the northern edge of Mors at Feggesund. There is no village at the ferry port – the only building nearby is the tiny shed where you can wait for the ferry hiding from the rain on a rainy day. Close by the ferry is a small inn but except for this there is nothing resembling a city.

Around the ferry port you have some great view of the shore of northern Mors and across the water – there is only a short distance across the water and the ferry trip only takes a few minutes.

Clay cliff at Feggesund

Next to the ferry you will find some of the famous clay formations on Mors. The type of clay is called moler in Danish and this kind of formation is only found a few places across the country. The clay was formed at the bottom of the ocean 54-56 million of years ago. The clay stayed safely hidden under water until the last ice age. Around 20,000 years ago the ice mass pushed the ocean bottom upwards at some places including this location at the edge of Mors. The clay formed some cliff like shapes and they are interesting to watch.

The layers of clay have many different colours and there really is no landscape quiet like this in Denmark. The local clay cliffs are so unique it has been accepted as a candidate for a UNESCO world heritage location – though the application is still in process so we will have wait and see if this will eventually be an international wonder or if it will just remain a local Danish attraction.

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