Slagjerhøj – highest point on Mors

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The north coast of Mors is a hilly area and there are some fairly large hills among the many hills. The highest of the hills is Slagjerhøj which is 86 meters above sea-level. This may not sound like a giant mountain but in the flat Danish landscape this kind of elevation is sufficient to get a great view of the surrounding landscape.

The top of Slagjerhøj

Slagjerhøj is partly a natural hill but in ancient time around 3-5,000 years ago the local people buried their dead on the top of natural hill. They did this in a large burial mound on the top of the hill increasing the size of the hill. The burial mounds were a very easily observable part of the landscape and a signal to other people about the presence of an old family which own the land and had made their claim by the giant burial mound. The hill of Slagjerhøj has been a tourist attraction for many years which has taken its toll on the old burial mound and not much is easily observable anymore.

You can drive to a parking lot a short distance from top of the hill – from the parking lot it is only a short hike to the top of the hill. The hike is fairly easy and quick so it is a good place to go and enjoy the view. From the top you can see large parts of the island Mors – apparently you used to be able to see 32 of the 34 churches on the island a 1½ century ago. Since this time they have planted a lot more trees on the island. These trees give a bit of green around the island but they do obstruct the view of some of the churches so you can’t see 32 churches anymore.

From the top of the hill you can look at the clay cliffs around the northern shore of Mors. You can supposedly see the largest of this clay cliff Hanklitt from the Slagjerhøj but the view of Hanklitt isn’t all that clear. The rest of the landscape surrounding the hill is very nice and there is a spectacular view of the blue water around the coast.

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