Nykøbing main town on Mors

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Mors is a pretty island without many big towns – the only city of any significance is Nykøbing which has about 9,000 inhabitants. Nykøbing isn’t actually the only town with this name in Denmark – there is actually three towns called Nykøbing and they are old fairly old towns of about similar size. This can cause some confusion – but a solution has been found. Each of the three towns is located on a different island – so to distinguish between he three towns somebody found the simply solution just to add the name of the island behind the city name of Nykøbing. So the city on Mors simply became Nykøbing Mors.

The name of Nykøbing Mors was first mentioned in 1299 as belonging to the king. Hence the city must have been found a bit before this time. The like time of the founding of Nykøbing is believed to be around the middle of the 13th century.

The city has a small harbor – which is the main harbor of Mors and it probably used to be more significant before they build a couple of bridges which connects Mors with the main land. With the new bridges the need to sail to Nykøbing was reduced and most people would simply arrive via the bridges.

Despite the city’s long history it doesn’t appear to have very many old houses. The architecture of the city seems to date back to the time 20 years before and after the beginning of the 20th century.

The city is fairly quiet so we can wonder the small streets alone and have a look at the buildings in the town. The buildings are a bit too young to give the city a really interesting old town feeling so we finish our exploration of the city pretty fast.

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