Vest Stadil Fjord – recreated bird paradis

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From the 1870s a new movement was created in Denmark to reclaim a lot of land which had until this time been considered waste land as valuable agricultural land. The area around Vest Stadil Fjord was one of these areas. The water level of the lake was reduced to make it possible to grow something on the land. This was done for a long period of time. The consequence of the draining of the land was a loss of habitat for the migrating birds which used to use this water area as an important resting ground during the migration from Europe to northern Scandinavia, Russia or Siberia.

It was realized the area around Vest Stadil Fjord was a very important resting place for the migrating birds so in 1994 the Danish government decided to buy a lot of land in the area. After the government had purchased the land a large project was undertaken to recreate the area and make a new bird paradis.

The recreation has been a great success and a lot of birds use the area. In the spring you can spot thousands of geese eating at the area around Vest Stadil Fjord to fatten up before they fly to the north. The geese are an impressive sight and if you are close to this area it is worth going here and try to spot some geese.

In addition to the geese you might be able to see a few other birds. There was a few birds flying around the trees of the area but there weren’t a lot of water birds on the lake.

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