Pull ferry to cross the river

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One of the biggest rivers in Denmark is the small river called Skjern Å. The river is located in a pretty natural area which makes it a perfect place to go and enjoy a day in the wildest nature you can find around Denmark.

Pumping station

Unfortunately there are only a limited number of bridges crossing the river so it can be a little tricky to get across the water stream.

To solve the problem with crossing the river they have made a tiny ferry which can be used by hikers and bikers during the summer. The ferry is located at a pumping station which is used to drain the area outside the river area to make it possible to farm the land. From the top of the pumping station there is a decent view and inside there is a little museum about Skjern Å.

There is a trail going through this area heading down to the river. There is no bridge so to cross the river you will have to take the small ferry at the place. The ferry is a small rope ferry which you can get by turning a big wheel and then you can board the ferry and pull your group across the river to the other side. You are allowed to be a maximum of 12 people on the ferry 9 of which can be adults and 3 children. I guess you need to have some fairly fit people in your group so you have the strength to pull the ferry all the way across the river.

The ferry

Unfortunately the ferry was out for the moment – it was stranded on land and you were not able to cross the river at this spot for the moment. If you wanted to get to the other side you would have to take a very long detour along the main highway which actually has a bridge crossing the river. I guess it would be charming to cross the river by this small ferry in the summer time when it should be functioning again.

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