Fishing port of white sands

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One of the most important fishing villages along the west coast of Jutland is the small village of Hvide Sande the name of the village translates into white sands. The village is located at the only connection between the large Ringkøbing Fjord and the North Sea. This has made the village a natural place for ships to gather and today there is a lock controlling the water going to and from the Fjord.

Lock at Hvide Sande

The village only has a few thousands inhabitants but it is still a fairly important village since it is the biggest village in about 30 or 40 kilometers drive away – hence it serve a function as the center for the many summer houses located just outside the village on a narrow strip of land between the North Sea and Ringkøbing Fjord.

Rescue boat

The location of the village is pretty interesting since you can walk from the shore of Ringkøbing Fjord to the shore of the North Sea in about five minutes – the village is really located on a narrow strip of land.

The fishing is the important thing of this village – so the most important attraction is naturally the harbor. Apparently you should be able to see seals sometimes in the harbor – but there was no seals when we were there so I guess you will need to be fairly lucky to spot the seals. Next to the harbor you find a large building which contains the local fish auction where they sell the large catch of fish the many fishing vessels will land every day of the week.

There is only one way in and out of the village and if you actually drive the slow road along the western coast of Denmark you will actually have to go through the small town. It is worth stopping for a little while and have a look at the harbor and possible take the opportunity to do some shopping if you drop by since there isn’t all that many places with better shopping opportunities around this area.

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