Morning Geese

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We head back to Tipperne. It is Saturday today and fortunately this mean there will be access to the bird reserve from 9.30 till 15 in the afternoon.

Before we reach the actual bird reserve we stop at the meadow which dominates the area in front of the reserve. Yesterday we saw a lot of geese at this area. Today there is even more geese walking around the area and trying to fatten up before the long flight north. It is impossible to count the geese they are everywhere towards the horizon and on all sides. Their numbers runs up in the thousands. From time to time the geese decide to fly a little bit to find a new place to eat. It is amazing to see the many geese moving. They are pretty noise when they move for a bit.

After we had revisited the geese we decide to go for the main attraction of the day the bird reserve of Tipperne. The area is famous for the many birds especially water birds which live in the shallow waters around Ringkøbing Fjord.

The views are very nice out at the end of the land. We enjoy the view out over Ringkøbing Fjord – but there aren’t a lot of birds out here today. Especially after watching all the geese on the way out here it is a little disappointing not seeing a ton of birds.

After walking a little out at Tipperne we head back to the meadow to see the geese again. They are still eating grass. But after a couple of minutes the geese seems to make a common decision – they are done eating breakfast and it is time for them to go somewhere else and digest all the grass they have been eating.

Thousands of geese take off at the same time with a bit of noise – this time around they don’t return and just head somewhere else. Without the geese there is no reason for us to stick around anymore so we continue down the road.

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