Viking harbor at Bork

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One of the family attractions in West Jutland is the reconstructed Viking harbor at Bork Havn. The houses are inspired by archeological finds which has been made in the western part of Jutland. One house is inspired by an old chieftain house in the city of Tarm 25 kilometers away and the bridge where the ship arrive is inspired by a bridge found 25 kilometers in another direction.

The houses have been built since 2000 and there is now a large group of houses. Usually there is access to the area and you can walk around the houses. Unfortunately we visited while the museum was still closes so we had to settle looking in at the old houses from the outside.

Judging from the outside there was a few large Viking style houses and if you added in some people dressed in contemporary outfits it looked like an interesting place to go and visit for a couple of hours if you need a break from the beach during the summer.

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