Geese at the grass

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One of the most famous bird watching areas in Denmark is fond at Tipperne which is located at the shore of Ringkøbing Fjord just outside the small village of Nymindegab. We head out to this area in the late afternoon to see if we can spot any birds.

It turns out to be easy to spot birds today. It is the migration season for the geese and they have come in the thousands or tens of thousands to the area around Tipperne. The geese have a long light ahead of them – they need to fly 5,000 kilometers to reach their summer breeding ground in Siberia. The birds actually undertake this flight with only one stop. To have enough energy to do this flight the geese need to fatten up first. They must eat 9 kilo of grass to put on 200 gram of fat. They will loose this extra weight on their 26 hour flight of 2,500 kilometers to reach their midway stop where they will eat again before flying to Siberia. The geese are pretty amazing they manage to fly 12 kilometers on just one gram of fat. I guess flying isn’t a good recipe for loosing weight.

We enjoy watching the geese for a while as they keep eating more grass. In addition to the geese there are several other birds walking around the area eating in the shallow pools of water which is common in this area.

We haven’t actually made it to the reserve yet – we have only been to the fields outside the reserve where the geese stop. We drive down the road to the entrance to the reserve – but it turns out we can’t get inside today. There is restricted access to the reserve and it is only open on Wednesday and Saturday in the spring. So we have to come back the next day to actually get inside the gate.

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