Climbing the local mountain

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If you ever been to Denmark you will realize there isn’t any real mountains. Despite the lack of high mountains there is still a Danish word for mountain which is called bjerg. And today we head to a place called Blåbjerg – or blue mountain.

Stone marker at the top of Blåbjerg

We had never heard about this mountain but when we drove along the road we saw signs pointing to the mountain. So we decided it was about time to climb a mountain. Of course you need to check if you have all your climbing gear in the trunk before heading up on such adventures – remember to bring a little bottle of oxygen for the higher elevations of the mountain.

View from the top of the mountain

It seems like a lot of people are out for some mountaineering today but we manage to find a place to park close to the entrance to the mountain.

View from the top of Blåbjerg

We are ready to head up the mountain. There is a climb to the top along a stair – but you need to be in a wheelchair or really out of shape if you can’t make it all the way to the top.

Ready to climb a mountain

We quickly make it to the top and up here are a couple of stone markers. One has an inscription of the area and the other marker is actually a stone set declaring the area around the stone is a protected area which must not be disturbed by anything. This is common for places which are considered to be a special location when it comes to elevation compared to the surrounding landscape.

We have a quick look at the view from the top and then we head back down the hill.


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