Highest sand dune at Henne Strand

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Henne Strand is a popular place to head for a beach holiday in Denmark so not surprisingly you will find a lot of summerhouses in the sand dunes behind the beach.

The large sand dune at Henne Strand

Just before you reach the summerhouse area at Henne Strand you will spot sand dune which stand out from the crowd of sand dunes. It is must higher than the other sand dunes making it an interesting spot to head to enjoy the view.

The summer house area at Henne Strand

The sand in this part of Denmark used to be drifting by the wind – and eventually the sand would destroy the fields further inland when it moved across the fertile land. To prevent the sand from moving a special grass has been planted along all the beaches of Denmark. And this giant sand dune has been stopped by the grass growing on the dune.

Sandy landscape behind the summer house area

There is a stair to the top of the dune and you are only allowed to use the stair. If you go outside the stair you will destroy the fragile grass and the sand dunes would have nothing left tying it down and it would start moving.

Bare sandy land

We head to the top of the stair and from the top of the sand dune there is a great view of the area behind the beach of Henne.

Summerhouses at Henne Strand

The sand dune is at the edge of the summer house area – so on one side of the dunes you have a view of the summer houses in the sand dunes and on the other side you have a view inland of the landscape which is dominated by old sand dunes. The poor soil in this part of the country makes farming difficult and some of the land has been left as a recreational area to enjoy by the people who stay in the summer houses.

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