Sønderho Windmill

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Sønderho is a small town at the southern edge of Fanø – the people of Sønderho seems to be pretty proud of their heritage and there is a group who is dedicated to the beatification of old Sønderho. This group makes sure the old buildings of Sønderho are persevered for posterity to give an idea what the village was like a hindered or more years ago.

The windmill on the small hill

One of the buildings they try to preserve is the old windmill of Sønderho which is standing on a little hill a bit to the north of the village. The windmill can easily be seen from the main road and we stopped here since we saw the windmill from the road.

In the area around the windmill you will see several old houses – these houses aren’t a museum exhibition but actual houses used by the local residents.

Usually you can enter the windmill and you only have to pay a little fee of 5 DKK to do so – though there is actually no ticket office so it is all up to your own conscience. Unfortunately they haven’t opened the mill for the moment so we can only look at it from the outside. It is a pretty setting in the sandy hills of the area with the old houses so it is worth the little stop even though we don’t make it inside.

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