Seals on Fanø

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One of the best natural experiences you can get on Fanø is to spot some seals – it is always wonderful to see these magnificent animals in their natural environment.

We just drive off the ferry and we only get a few hundred meters down the road on Fanø when we spot a group of seals which are resting on a little sandbank a dozen meters off shore or so. Fortunately we manage to find a parking a hundred meters away and we can walk back to the seals.

There is about 8 seals resting on the sand which is above water during low tide – the sea around Fanø is a tidal sea and these sandbanks will only be above water during low tide – so if you are going to spot seals outside Nordby it can only be done during low tide.

We stand and look at the seals with the town of Esbjerg in the background across the waters. I knew there were seals around Fanø – but I didn’t expect it would be this easy to spot the seals – so we felt lucky to see them just after arriving to the island.


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