Ferry to Fanø

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Fanø is a small island in the Danish tidal sea called Vadehavet. The island can only be reach by ferry from the nearby town of Esbjerg – fortunately it only takes about 12 minutes to cross the short stretch of water between the town and the island. Actually the sail would be much shorter if the ferry could take a straight line – unfortunately this is impossible since the water on the straight line is very shallow so the ferry has to follow an S-shaped route to keep the boat in the deep water.

The waters between Esbjerg and Fanø are usually calm thanks to the island of Fanø providing some cover from the prevailing westerly winds.

It is easy to pass the time of the passing by heading to the top deck – from there you can have a view of the industrial harbor of Esbjerg which is the home to the ships serving the Danish oil rigs in the North Sea and in the last few years the ships serving the oil rigs has been supplemented by a lot of ships serving the growing number of off shore wind farms which takes advantage of the strong winds at this part of the world – the west coast of Denmark is known as the windiest part of the country.

Fortunately it is a warm sunny day so it is natural to stay on top of the boat and enjoy the view – though the strong winds make some wind proof clothing a necessity to stay fairly warm during the crossing – this will be the case almost all year maybe you can get by without a windbreaker during the summer months but the rest of the year it is essential.

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