Bork Havn village at the fjord

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The village of Bork Havn is located right down at the water of Ringkøbing Fjord. Havn actually means harbor indicating this was the harbor of the villages in the area. There are actually several small villages called something with bork indicating the position of the main village of Bork.

House boats at Bork Havn

The town of Bork Havn is now the main tourist destination of the area. There are a lot of summer houses down at the harbor and there are a few restaurants and other things serving the summer house area. The town seems to revolve around the harbor – I guess it is fitting considering the name of the village.

The harbor of the village is rather small with a few boats in the harbor. There are also a row of house boats which is offered for rent at around 700-1,000€ out of season. the lift of the city seems to be centered around the harbor where everybody seems to head down – the beach of the city is next to the harbor so the main attractions of the village is located here.

Bork Havn

At the harbor you can use the communal wilderness saunas – you just have to pay a little fee to rent them and bring your own wood and you will be ready to sweat with a view of the waters of Ringkøbing Fjord.

The village of Bork Havn is pretty typical of the small harbors along Ringkøbing Fjord which is mainly used by a few pleasure boats who take advantage of the sheltered location inside the fjord.

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