Fire station of Sønderho

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The town of Sønderho has a large collection of thatches roof houses – this make the town a bit of a fire hazard – this isn’t a new thing it has always been so. The risk of fires meant the locals decided they really needed to do something to fight the fires so the whole town wouldn’t burn down if a house caught on fire.

Old fire truck

To help fighting the fires the town people decided they needed a little truck which could help pump the water so it could reach the roof of the house and stop the fire from spreading. The firetruck needed a place to stay when it wasn’t in use – which fortunately was most of the time. They build a little fire station for the truck and this old fire station is now a small museum.

When I say a small fire station – I really mean a small fire station. The fire station is called Sprøjtehuset which means house of the sprayer. The firetruck was spaying the fire – hence the name. The house of the truck is tiny just big enough to house the small truck which were drawn by horses in case of fire.

Illustration of the firetruck in action

Most of the space in the houses is taken up by the truck but there is a bit of other old fire equipment on display. You can just walk to the house and have a look inside the door which is open. The fire truck is maintained by a foundation which is designated to preserve the old town of Sønderho and the important old buildings in the town. There is a requested donation of at least DKK20 for access to the museum.


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