Old town of Frederiksværk

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The old town of Frederiksværk was an early industrial city in Denmark. The city was very important militarily since it was the main center for the production of guns and gunpowder. You needed these supplies to be not too far away from Copenhagen by sea – on the other hand you didn’t want to have too much potentially explosive production in the middle of the capital. The perfect comprise was this little town next to the water.

Today the town is a quiet little town which has an easy train connection to Copenhagen in a bit over an hour. The city has a little canal with some old houses along it giving the town a certain charm – there is even a gondola placed in the canal in front of a house trying to give the town a bit of a venetian feel – but it isn’t really working we don’t really feel like we are in Venice.

Usually museum – now covid-19 testing center

The museum has a couple of museums to commemorate the long industrial history of the town – so you can go to an industrial museum and a museum about the production of gunpowder and cannons in the city. Of course it isn’t an option right now since one of the museums in town has been transformed into a temporary covid-19 testing center.

The city was fairly small so we could easily walk around the entire small town and enjoy the old feel of the houses in the town.

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